About Me and My Writing

About Me

I have been a professional freelance writer for over five years. I write for small businesses, SEO companies, affiliate websites, magazines, and much more. I have two published books on Amazon. 

Before I began writing full time I worked as the client liaison of integrative, neurologic, and zoo medicine at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital. In the past I have taught English as a second language to Taiwanese students in Hsinchu, Taiwan, managed a dog daycare, and bartended, among other things.

I majored in communications with a specialization in Creative Writing at Dreyfoos High School of the Arts. I received my Bachelor’s in English with Honors with a focus in Creative Writing and minors in Psychology and Philosophy from Stetson University.

I have always been passionate about animal rescue. I volunteer with the dogs least likely to be adopted from my local municipal animal shelter, Alachua County Animal Services. My site, Rescue Dog Home, chronicles my experiences in rescue. 

I’m a partner to my awesome husband, mom to a beautiful baby girl, and dog mom to two spoiled pups. When I’m not writing I create art, care for our garden, and travel. 

About My Writing

Writing that is Optimized for Search Engines

Every business wants its site on the first page of Google searches. It can be a challenge to get there, especially if you’re competing with well-established sites over high-traffic keywords.

Content that is optimized for reader intent means that your site will be found by the people most likely to engage with it. With my careful and knowledgeable SEO research, you can start ranking immediately for niche topics that your potential customers are searching for until I build enough content to compete for high competition queries.

Content that gets Shares and Clicks

Getting readers to share your content is the fastest route to organic marketing success. A single viral post can shoot your site out of obscurity. Even moderate shares can do wonders for your traffic. I create content that people want to share.

Why do clicks matter? Whether you’re promoting a business or you work with an affiliate program like Amazon, clicks result in profits. My content encourages the clicks you want while building a reader’s trust in your brand.

Creative, Well-Researched Content

My writing is a pleasure to read. I take dense, highly technical research and create content that is informative and easy to understand. My creative writing takes readers on a journey. It sucks in skimmers so they’re savoring every word. 

I can get into the head of my readers and not only answer the questions they’re asking, but anticipate what they’ll wonder next. 

Written Content For…

Research articlesSocial mediaBooks
BlogsEmail marketingE-books
Landing pagesAdvertisementsNewsletters
Product reviewsHow to guidesPamphlets
Pillar pagesBiographies And much more!

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