Private Photography

What makes your dog special? I’ll take the time to bring out your best friend’s unique personality. I’m just branching into private shoots but I love them. The connection between person and dog is such a beautiful thing to see and try to capture.

My rates reflect my inexperience, so if you’re not sure about spending too much on pictures of your pup, take a chance on me! I’m having a great time learning, and I bet you and your dog will have fun too. I’m extremely comfortable with groups of dogs at play. I’m not afraid to get in the midst of the action for unique shots.

I am usually available for Gainesville, Florida shoots. I am occasionally available for shoots in St. Lucie, Florida. Please schedule in advance for St. Lucie shoots.

Shoots may take anywhere from two to three hours or more, depending on how long it takes to draw out and capture your particular dog.


Depot Park, Gainesville Florida


Alfred Ring Park, Gainesville Florida


Walton Rocks Dog Beach, Hutchinson Island Florida