Business & Product Photography

Photography that is tailored to your business or services can do much more than add visual value. Beautiful photographs of your products in their best light motivate buyers. Pets and people happy to be enjoying your services or products provide authenticity.

Why use bland stock photography that will make your content look just like your competitors’ when you could use photography to make you stand out?

*Discounts are available for products or services donated to my program for shelter dogs.

Photographs that Tell a Story 

Photographs and writing work together to create the most compelling content. The best blog posts, articles, and landing pages rely on synchronized writing and photographs to create beautiful and empathetic content. Rather than scouring through stock photos for a picture that highlights your written points, use a content creator who can create customized photographs and writing to tell your story.

Private Dog Photography

I am currently branching into private photography sessions. My prices are highly negotiable, so please inquire if you have any interest in a session. I can bring out your dog’s personality and create images that you will treasure. Discounts for rescue dogs!

Nature and Event Photography

I absolutely love spending time in nature, and my camera is rarely far from my side. If you are looking for beautiful photographs of Florida’s amazing wildlife, check out my galleries or commission a shoot. I can also provide excellent event photography. My favorite events involve dogs, but I’m happy to shoot at other events as well.