Ink Design

I have always loved creating designs in ink. My childhood notebooks were covered in my elaborate doodles. As I got older, I kept finding new ways to create intricate designs. I’m happy to create a custom piece for you or help you use my style in your product design or branding. … More Ink Design


From simple line drawings to highly detailed graphite, I love creating portraits. Something about capturing a person or animal’s unique personality is endlessly intriguing for me. … More Portraits

Rescue Dog Photos

The animal shelter that I work with provides great care to their dogs. However, it is still a shelter. Many of the photographs that I take document the hard lives some of these dogs have led. Many others show happy dogs just waiting for the right person to choose them. I have a significant gallery of rescue dog photos, and I’m always taking more. If there’s a particular type of photo that you need, just let me know. … More Rescue Dog Photos