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Customized original art and graphics that make your content beautiful and deliver information in an appealing way that keeps your audience engaged


Beautiful photographs that tell your story, connect with your clients, and match your brand style


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From the client

Coral did an outstanding job writing for us. She took a topic she felt passionately about and crafted an entertaining, informative, and very useful book that will help many people. She even was able to do extra artwork for the book with her graphic design skills. A very talented writer and a pleasure to work with. Coral is awesome, hire her with confidence!

-Client, “Owning a Paralyzed Dog”

From the reader

This book covers it all. I adopted a paralyzed dog a few years ago from a rescue, and this book has become my go-to guide for everything from training, bathing, feeding, etc. It takes a lot of the fear out of owning a paralyzed dog, and reinforces the fact that these dogs, while they can be more work, make wonderful loving pets. Thank you so much for writing this book.

-Reader, “Owning a Paralyzed Dog”

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