Great content attracts search engines and customers. It builds trust, offers solutions to problems, and turns first-time visitors into paying clients. You need writing that showcases your service or product with a personal touch that sets you apart.  My writing is optimized for the keywords that your target market is using and answers the questions your readers are asking in an easy to digest style that gets clicks and shares.

Search Engine Optimization

I’ve helped hundreds of clients rank on Google, and I can help you rank too. Modern SEO is much more than keyword research. I know how to find what your potential customers are searching for and create content that provides the best answers to their questions–content that Google ranks over and over again.

In-Depth Research

I base my content on solid, respected experts that earn respect from your readers and from Google. I am skilled in understanding highly complex studies and research and using that information to create digestible and informative content.

Creative Content

Well-researched, well-written content won’t do you any good if it doesn’t make people want to keep reading. My content is compelling, creative, and designed to hold interest. Whatever the niche, I can create content that turns skimmers into readers


From the client

Coral did an outstanding job writing for us. She took a topic she felt passionately about and crafted an entertaining, informative, and very useful book that will help many people. She even was able to do extra artwork for the book with her graphic design skills. A very talented writer and a pleasure to work with. Coral is awesome, hire her with confidence!

-Client, “Owning a Paralyzed Dog”

From the reader

This book covers it all. I adopted a paralyzed dog a few years ago from a rescue, and this book has become my go-to guide for everything from training, bathing, feeding, etc. It takes a lot of the fear out of owning a paralyzed dog, and reinforces the fact that these dogs, while they can be more work, make wonderful loving pets. Thank you so much for writing this book.

-Reader, “Owning a Paralyzed Dog”

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Rescue Dog Home is my site promoting volunteering and providing education about shelter dogs.

Owning a Paralyzed Dog – The Complete Care Guide: Helping Your Disabled Dog Live Their Life to the Fullest is my book about caring for a paralyzed dog. It is available on Amazon and most places that books are sold.

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